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 Servers since 10/19/1998: 96,705  
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    Welcome to! See what's online, who is playing and dig though some Shogo MAD resources.
If you need help or want to organize some frag time then check out the Shogo: Mobile Armor Division Comunity Discord!.

The above links will guide you to getting the game, optionally running a server, optimizing the game on modern hardware and be sure to check out the login if you want to be notified when others are online.

Shogo Servers - Refresh Server Listing
Server Name Address Players Level Uptime
Late night at the office... 0 of 16 OF_LateNightAtTheOffice 21 hours, 12 minutes
OF Obliteration 0 of 16 OF_NIZCORPSES 21 hours, 9 minutes
*Canned* maps, on rotation 0 of 16 MCA_MADSKILLS 21 hours, 10 minutes
MCA Obliteration 0 of 16 MCA_SHINARA 21 hours, 12 minutes
All MAD, all the time! 0 of 16 MCA_MADSKILLS 21 hours, 11 minutes

Yea, this format is supposed to closely mimic the original server list format from the late 90s to the mid 2000s.
These servers are live and updated via a fresh Shogo Server executable that registers here as of December 2020.

As is customary per internet etiquette circa 1998: hit me up via email at
Any reason, any time... any questions, concerns or just want to organize a time to get fragged - I'm open (honestly though, discord is preferred).
Happy hunting. -NetworkDLS

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